Microcamping is supposed to be spontaneous, an off the cuff decision to get out and enjoy a peaceful night out under the stars. To ensure this, we need to make sure we take the bare essentials and that they are packed ready to go at a moments notice. This requires a just the tiniest bit of organisation

I think the term bare essentials is very subjective and my essentials will most probably differ from yours. However for those trying this for the first time, here is my list to give you some idea of what you may need…

Remember: Shelter, warmth, food and fun. (and the odd extra comfort)

Microcamping Kit List

  • Tent. Check out the Pop tent from OLPRO, perfect for microcamping.
  • Two sleeping bags
  • Wool blanket. Just incase it gets a bit nippy at night.
  • 1 big towel. If there’s a river or stream nearby we normally end up in it.
  • Camping stove. Essential for campsite cookouts. Fires are unnecessary and just make a mess.
  • One Pan and two plates and 2 sporks.
  • Two camping chairs.
  • A coat each.
  • Warm pyjamas or sleeping clothes.
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer.
  • Baby Wipes.
  • Food, water, marshmallows.
  • Marshmallow forks (IMPORTANT!!).
  • Double Air bed plus pump.
  • Tablet (fully charged and with movie pre-downloaded for bedtime or sudden bad weather)
  • Power Bank and cables.
  • Go Pro and Tripod.
  • Football/Toys.
  • Pen/notebook/Geocaching kit.

This is just about everything we take on a microcamp – the bare essentials. I don’t take things like pillows, we just stuff our clothes in a sleeping bag sack. We don’t take things like or hair products soap as we only really camp close to home and what the heck if we whiff a bit!

Furthermore, you don’t need mountains of food. Take enough for two meals and snacks per person. This doesn’t mean steak and veg either. Dried pasta or super noodles in boiling water with a chopped fresh pepper and some chopped tomatoes tastes like the best meal on earth when you’re camping. Don’t ask me how, it just does.

Remember, if you’re only taking something “just incase”, you can¬† probably do without in this instance.

Happy Microcamping!!

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