5 Things To Do With Your Nearly Empty Gas Canisters

I was rooting around in the shed the other day, cant remember what for now to be honest. Whilst in there however, I noticed that I had accumulated a fair few gas canisters from my various hiking/camping trips. I say a fair few I mean bloody LOADS!! These aren't totally empty gas canisters but ones [...]

Get the kids outdoors with “Microcamping”: 4 essential tips

I came up with the term "Microcamping" last year. This slightly watered down version of the "Microadventure" will be sure get your kids to love the outdoors. You may well have heard the term microadventure used over the last few years when talking about enjoying the outdoors. The phrase (if you haven't) was coined by [...]

Bust Bladders and Pissy Longjohns : A Cheviots Wildcamp pt 2

On The Trail As I said, on the way up, the weather looked great. Blue sky and sunshine covered the fells in all directions. This Cheviots wildcamp however would show me just how brutal the weather up here can be. Miguel had plans to seek out a couple of waterfalls he'd spotted on map while on [...]

Bust Bladders and Pissy Longjohns : A Cheviots Wildcamp pt 1

F*cking Rush Hour The chance to camp in the Cheviots had come round again but I was having a mare trying to get there.The traffic was horrendous!!!! I only had to drive up two friggin' roads. One being the A1 like, all the same, it shouldn't take over an hour to get from Darlo to [...]